I cannot tell you how good I feel after the session with you. 
 Immediately after the zoom call I got two calls for work.. amazing!! I really had some stubborn blocks regarding work and was I good enough. 
All in all I feel a lot lighter,  physically and emotionally.  
Thanks again Jane for an amazing gift.


“I found myself really relaxed and comfortable with Jane. Having been a little anxious about whether I had the stamina for a 3 hour session it was perfectly paced and the break in the middle was just right. I was really astonished at the ground we covered and that despite some of the issues that arose, I didn’t feel in any way traumatised or depleted.”


I was impressed by how professional the session was. I felt able to let my guard down and trust Jane as the therapist. Her warmth and friendliness put me at ease. I felt she intuitively tapped into some of the key issues and areas to direct her questions without me having to do too much prompting. Because of that, the session flowed well.