EAM can transform your emotional state

This is the first of a series of posts designed to give you some insight into how the Energy Alignment Method (EAM) can help you change your life.

One of the first things most people learn to do using EAM is to shift their emotional state.  EAM enables you to quickly identify the emotions you are feeling and shift them to something more positive. 

 “I found EAM very useful to help me manage my anxiety when having treatment for breast cancer. It’s so quick, accessible and easy to use. Within minutes I was able to shift my feelings from a state of anxiety to one where I felt much calmer. I loved the fact I could use it anywhere.”

Our emotional set-points

Our emotions are an important part of how we experience life and have a big influence on our self-esteem, what we think and believe, how we behave and even our physical health. In our early years we create emotional set-points, our emotional responses to what we experience. We learn about emotions from the significant people in our life who model emotional responses, and we learn by their reactions which teach us which emotions are acceptable and which are not. We learn to repress certain emotions and to display others to help us get our needs met.

Trauma and challenging experiences can lead to persistent emotional states, for example, living with uncertainty can lead to an ongoing state of anxiety. If we repeat certain emotions often enough they become our emotional set-points, our go to responses when similar situations are triggered.

For example, if you were bullied as a child you may have become anxious about rejection. As an adult you may find yourself getting anxious every time you perceive someone as rejecting you or fear rejection might occur. The reality may be that no one is rejecting you but your past experience of rejection is being triggered.

EAM enables us to identify and let go of our emotional set-points. If necessary, it can help us identify the original trauma or experiences that started a particular emotional response and having identified it, release it from its source.

The power of change

Improving your emotional state not only means you feel more positive in the moment, it has a ripple effect.  You feel more positive, you see the people in your life through a more positive lens.  You behave differently, people respond differently and you create a momentum of change for yourself and the people around you.

From an energetic perspective the more positive our emotions are the higher our energetic vibration and the higher our vibration the more we are able to attract (to manifest) the things we want to experience in to our life. If you want your life to really change you need to feel good first.

EAM enables you let go of the fear, the anxiety, the shame, the overwhelm and replace them with contentment, happiness, joy and peace.  It really is that simple!

Try it for yourself

If you haven’t tried EAM yet and want to experience this for yourself book a clarity call with me and we can arrange a quick demo.