I have a life-long interest and journey of self-discovery and personal development behind me including Transactional Analysis, EFT and NLP. In 2018 I finally discovered the Energy Alignment Method (EAM). For me this was the approach that unlocked everything that was standing in my way and enabled me to transform my challenging emotions, negative beliefs and repetitive patterns and to finally let go of old wounds. The transformation was powerful, deep and comprehensive. As a result I trained with the founders of EAM Yvette Taylor and Lisa Hammond to become one of the first 100 Energy Alignment Method Mentors in the world. 

I now specialise in working with women to enable them to find the missing pieces of their stories, to find and speak their truth and live a fulfilled and happy life. I am passionate about enabling these transformations for others and teaching people how to use this self-help technique for themselves.

I have a host of tools and insights gathered on my personal journey to share with you so that I can work with you to support you on your journey to having the amazing life you deserve.

I have over 30 years’ experience designing and delivering courses and programmes in further and higher education, supporting 1000’s of adults to change their lives and gain new skills and also training staff to teach other adults.  Seven years ago I decided to follow my dream and set up my own successful business as a glass artist and teacher

My one claim to fame was being featured cycling up the longest continuous incline in England and working with glass alongside the lovely John Craven on BBC Country File in 2014.