EAM can transform your thoughts and beliefs

This is the second in a series of posts exploring what EAM can do for you.

If you are wanting a new partner but you don’t believe you’re lovable, don’t believe that you deserve respect, don’t believe you are attractive, what kind of partner do you think you will attract?

If you’re applying for a new job but deep down you don’t believe that you’re good enough, don’t believe you deserve the increased income how likely do you think you are to present well at interview and get the job?

They are just beliefs

But the truth is that these are beliefs they’re not facts!

Because they are just beliefs it is completely possible to change those beliefs to rewire that early programming and believe different things about ourselves. Our new beliefs will still just be beliefs, but can you see how much more likely you are to have the life you want if your beliefs about yourself are ones that support you and what you want from your life, rather than undermine you in your attempts to achieve your goals.

Our thoughts create our reality

We form most of our beliefs about ourselves and the world in the first 7 years of our lives.  We then spend the rest of our lives looking for evidence to support and reinforce our beliefs and yet we are often completely unaware that these beliefs exist. Our unhelpful beliefs and self punishing thoughts are among the main things that hold us back from living the life we want.  If we don’t believe in ourselves, don’t believe in our abilities, don’t believe that good things will come to us then this is how we will experience the world.

If we repeat the same thoughts often enough they become beliefs and also impact on our emotions. Conversely our beliefs and emotions feed our thoughts. The world around us mirrors our thoughts, beliefs and emotions reflecting back our unconscious expectations and thus our thoughts create our reality.

Stop for a minute and imagine how you would feel, what you would do if you totally believed in yourself. What would be different? What would you do differently? Can you see how changing your beliefs can start to change your life?

EAM enables us to identify our limiting beliefs that are hiding in our subconscious. It enables us to reprogramme ourselves to rewire in new beliefs that support us. With supportive beliefs our lives change we begin to believe in ourselves and our abilities, we believe we deserve, that we are loved and wanted, that we can succeed, that we can achieve our dreams.

Once you know how to use EAM to work on your beliefs the world is your oyster.  Watch the negative beliefs about yourself start to fall away, and how the way you view yourself and the world begins to change.  When you start truly believing in yourself and your right to be treated with respect your confidence grows, you feel empowered and are so much more able to step into the life you want to live.

“When I first started using EAM I was given a list of beliefs to work through.  I was shocked to discover how many of them I had but also delighted to watch how quickly they disappeared.”

Want to know how you can identify the unconscious beliefs you hold and let them go? Arrange a free clarity call with me and I will show you how.