121 Sessions

I offer 90 minute session and 4 hour VIP sessions online via zoom.

90 minute sessions – an opportunity to dive deeply into a single issue and find out what is holding you back. We will explore and work on some of the resistant beliefs, emotions and energy connected to this issue. (NB first sessions can be up to 120 minutes long.)

VIP sessions – are an opportunity to thoroughly explore one or more areas of your life and create deep long lasting transformations around the issues that come up.

Sessions currently take place on zoom so you can work from the comfort of your own home.

To find out more and determine whether EAM is right for you book a free 15 minute chat with me.

Aligning your chakras

A typical session

We will begin by discussing the challenge(s) you want to work on and what you hope to achieve.

We then use a technique called the sway from kinesiology that allows you to ask questions of your unconscious mind and your energy to get to the roots of what is standing in your way. 

Having clarified what we need to work on we then use the magic of EAM to  transform any beliefs, patterns, emotions, experiences and resistant energy that we have found. We may work on your energy systems – chakras, aura etc to check everything is aligned. We move on to create and embed supportive beliefs and emotions that enable you to move forward in your life in flow with your goals and feel happier in yourself.  

After the session you will receive a follow up email with suggestions for using EAM on your own to continue your journey and access to any resources appropriate to the work we have done in the session (videos, handouts etc). You will also have ongoing access to my private Facebook group where I regularly post suggestions on how to use EAM to improve your life.